Morin Tooth Setting tool

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Morin Tooth Setting tool

Postby ChiricahuaZac » November 23rd, 2011, 10:51 am

A while back I picked this tool up thinking it would be great, offering constent results. Turned out it was cumbersome and awkward. The Morin tool is hard to keep steady for repeaded blows, so every time you strike it you must reposition it. One can set up the saw in the vise in a way that lets you rest the Morin tool on the vice, but it requires a lot of adjustments as you go. Furthermore it makes quick checks with a spider tool a bigger pain. A hand anvil is still my prefered tool. I can keep the anvil and spider in the same hand and make my set a lot faster.

The Morin can be helpfull for someone starting out though, so I keep it around for teaching.
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Re: Morin Tooth Setting tool

Postby rabotts » May 15th, 2012, 11:55 pm

I never had much luck with these Morin hammer set tools. The other varients with the wings are just more clumsy to me. I have used an Anderson #5 which does work quite well. The little Whiting patent saw sets (they look sort of like the saw mill swage blocks but do not work like the swages) gave me good results and is a lot easier.
The Anderson #2 is really easy to use on rakers and is my prefurred tool.
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Re: Morin Tooth Setting tool

Postby maujds » August 4th, 2015, 11:00 am

i use this Morin Setting tool because i have found that when setting very harden steel this setter does not allow for the teeth metal to go past the back of the hammer so that it does not go past it's breaking point to break off the tooth. when i use the horned anvil I broke the tooth every time because to could not hold the metal from bending too far with the saw bench i had. the first setting hammer the Forest Service has in their booklet is this Morin type setting Hammer. But i will say use what you feel is best for you. i do not rush any of my filing jobs and i tell the customer that up front. Filing is an art and it show Craftsmanship. I hope all filers feel that way.
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