Atkins D-handle Saw

Topic should be types of Atkins saws, and posts are related to those saws
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Atkins D-handle Saw

Post by cooke17513 » March 16th, 2011, 8:38 am

I bought this saw on eBay, cleaned it up, did some handle repairs and a little filing of the raker gullets.
I'd like some help identifing it.
I'm pretty sure that the Atkins medallion and one brass screw are original, although I did replace the other two saw screws.
I filed the blade heel some to give it a smooth curve, but otherwise it is as received.
I tried to sell the saw on craigslist; here is the blurb with specifications, and I'll attach some pictures.

Vintage 42" blade D-handle saw; holes at toe and heel for auxiliary handles, but none included
cleaned to bare metal but not sharpened
some pitting on blade does not affect cutter teeth or rakers
2lb 12oz; blade at toe and heel is 1-3/8" and 6-3/8" wide respectively
lighter saw for east-side Cascades wilderness trail maintenance
'E.C. Atkins & Co.' medallion; no blade etching visable
taper ground; blade at teeth and back is 0.057" and 0.046" thick respectively
15/16" teeth; Champion/Tuttle pattern
11 02 28_C913_0006_crop.jpg
11 02 28_C913_0002_crop.jpg
11 02 28_C913_0001.jpg
11 02 28_C913_0003_edit.jpg
11 02 28_C913_0004.jpg