Any strange or creepy experiences in the woods?

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Any strange or creepy experiences in the woods?

Post by frizzen » March 9th, 2022, 5:47 am

What bizzare, strange, unexplained, creepy things have you run across while out in the woods?

These threads usually get pretty interesting on the other boards where i've seen the question raised

Predators stalking you, Trees full of headless dolls, Skinwalkers, Astroturf covering something in middle of nowhere, UFOs, Bigfoot, Strange sounds, Cults, Ghosts, Grow operations, Satanic stuff, Remote accident sites that weren't cleaned up, things not following physics, People living off-grid in a park, Encountering someone you later learn is a serial killer...

Got any stories?
Weird stuff that wasn't in the woods counts too.
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